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By choosing Nectar for your home or investment loan is helping to support Livin in keeping their voice heard. Nectar will support LIVIN introduced loans with an upfront donation and an ongoing monthly donation when your Home or Investment Loan remains in Nectars loan book. For more information call Jeff on 0403 107 611 or email jeff.parker@nectarmortgages.com.au and remember to mention LIVIN.




Footy Trips, a division of All Sports Travel, are proud to be supporting LIVIN.  Footy Trips have been the leading travel specialists of end of season footy trips for over 27 years, with the majority of our clientele being Australian men aged between 18 – 35.  Every year Footy Trips are touched by the loss of young men through the relationships with their clients and like many people, want to play a role in suicide prevention and positive change.  Through the partnership with LIVIN, Footy Trips can assist in spreading the important message that “It Ain’t Weak to Speak”, and help save lives.


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The Official Top Ten Night organises and creates unique events, held in various locations all around the world, with a simple message: Make a list, make a difference. In support of Suicide Prevention Australia, the events encourage conversations around the world, with the aim of reducing the stigma of talking about suicide and its prevention. TOTTN have been supporting LIVIN in getting their own message out there: “It Ain’t Weak To Speak”, as both organisations believe strongly in the importance of the encouragement of talking. They continue to support each other wherever possible.


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Greg Van Borssum (GVB) A failed school kid who turned adversities into opportunities, from Martial Arts to Movies. Over the years GVB has accomplished an incredible level of achievement…the worlds youngest professional Natural Bodybuilder, a multiple black belt martial artist, and Academy award winning Hollywood film maker. GVB has since chosen to become a speaker and mentor, helping people through adversity and inspiring those trapped in the darkness to search for the way out. A Lifeline Ambassador, mentor and Lived Experience Speaker, Greg ‘s aim is to change the world one life at a time. Also part of #teamrippleAus, GVB is a massive believer in the mantra #itaintweaktospeak and is currently working alongside LIVIN on the film documentary, Suicide: The Ripple Effect, due to release in January 2017.




Mental Health News Radio and Livin have partnered in order to support our mutual and global advocacy efforts to help eliminate stigma about mental health and spread awareness about suicide. We’ll be speaking at events together in the U.S. and abroad as well as interviewing guests on behalf of Livin with Sam Webb as co-host. Mental Health News Radio is dedicated to interviewing people from survivors, to best-selling authors, to counselors, to athletes, to celebrities about all facets of behavioral health (Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Addiction, Recovery, Physical Health). Our shows are personal and raw no matter the guest.  Let’s get #mentalhealthified!